The Vision

Our vision is to reach the youth in Hamburg and other cities and towns with Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We envision to have to have a multicultural gathering of believers.

We envision having training, educational and diaconal centers for the development and empowerment of the youth.

It is our vision to develop projects to support the less privileged in and outside Germany.

In short, our vision is to enhance life in every dimension and be part of God’s mission of life in abundance.





The objectives of LGC are as follows:

  1. To see the lives of people transformed and empowered. ( Romans 12:2)
  2. To foster reconciliation among people and between people and God through believers who are called to be ambassadors of peace. (2Cor. 5:20)
  3. To impact youths to be able to influence their communities with Christian values such as: love, forgiveness, reconciliation, tolerance, respect etc… ( Gal. 5: 22-23)
  4. To raise a godly new Generation of ministers, preachers and believers who will influence every area of societies: politics, media. Judiciary, arts, entertainment, science, mode, government, medicine etc… with the love of Christ.
  5. To equip and empower people to live godly lives. ( 2 Peter 1: 2-4)
  6. To help the youth to discover their purposes in life and be effective in their communities
  7. To help the youth discover their God-given talents and develop them.
  8. To empower the youth to become agents of transformation, reconciliation and empowerment in their families, communities, cities, nations etc…
  9. To train people to be witnesses of the Christ in meaningful and effective ways.
  10. To empower people for a better living.
  11. To create diaconal centers, training centers and education centers and institutions
  12. To reach every creature with the Good News.


Being aware of the human impossibilities of the tasks, we put our trust in God, His power and Word, being fully persuaded that it is Him who transforms life and He establishes his kingdom in our midst.

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