My humble testimony

My humble testimony: The most efficient and successful form of Mission and Evangelism in Hamburg that I have ever come across is not what I learnt in my pastoral, ministerial, missiological and theological education. Rather I am learning it from the members of the Living Generation Church. Not the conventional, methodological systematic and structural one but the unconventional approach, non-methodolical and the unstructured one. What I will surely name in my dissertation „ The Philip model“ of mission or the „come-and-see model“.
The Lord is turning the table upside-down and is making something new.
LGC is my new and highest Theological school where God is teaching me new and practical lessons.
More to learn!
By Pst. Nick.

A living generation

Today yet again I sat admiring all of you. I was reminded of God’s promises and His word that never comes back unfulfilled. His promises to your prayerful parents, who have laboured and sacrificed so much. In all their pain and sufferings they did what God commanded them to do. “Teach your children the way so that they may not depart from.” I have not stopped crying since Friday thinking about your parents. Their children shall prophesy, be Daniels and Daniel as, politicians, lawyers, pastors, architects, photographers, labourers, nurses, office employees, government officials. But most of all THEY DID NOT DEPART from Gods word. Darlings you are indeed a testimony and Living Generation.

What is LGC for me?

The Living Generation Church is my spiritual family. It’s a place where you´ll meet young people who are trully thursty for the word of God.

An authentic house of God, where nothing but the truth is being preached and you literally feel the presence of the Holy Spirit whenever we come together.  I love how it’s a place where it doesn’t matter where you come from, what degree you have, what you look like, which previous church you came from or how much knowledge you have about the word of God. Everyone is warmly welcomed and gifts and talents are recognized and sown into. I’ve witnessed people not only “hearing” the word but actually “listening” to it and being transformed. Young people taking their masks of, sharing their testimonies, encouraging each other to stay strong in their faith and just being real. The icing on the cake is to have a pastor who has an open ear for everyone, who challenges your faith and who will never make the church about himself but rather about God and God only!

Of course, we shouldn’t forget to mention that you will never go home hungry after the sunday service 😉

But why am saying, it’s my family? Because we are not only family in church or on sundays. This family cares about you all the time, wherever you are and whatever situation you are in!


written by Genevieve Frempong-Manso